NIELSEN, C.: Saul and David (Royal Danish Opera, 2015)


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- (Disc 1)
Saul og David (Saul and David), FS 25

Venue: Operaen, Copenhagen
Playing Time: 02:12:16
Catalogue Number: 2.110412
UPC: 747313541256

The video presents a spectacular new production of Carl Nielsen dramatic debut opera, Saul and David from 1901 - a production marking the Royal Danish Theatre's celebration of the composer's 150th anniversary in 2015. The story of King Saul, bitterly jealous of young David, who won the favour of the people by defeating the giant Goliath, is stage in a highly original fashion by acclaimed English director and Nielsen enthusiast David Pountney, who updates the Biblical story to our own time, lending it psychological and political undertones. The performance is conducted by Nielsen expert Michael Schonwandt and presents an array of Denmark's leading singers with Johan Reuter in the demanding title role.

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