SCHUBERT, F.: Alfonso und Estrella (Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, 2004)


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- (Disc 1)
Alfonso und Estrella, D. 732

Date of Production: 2004
Venue: Teatro Lirico di Cagliari
Playing Time: 02:11:56
Catalogue Number: 33451


Most of Schubert's operas were written without a specific commission, in the hope that, once completed, some theatre might find them interesting simply by virtue of their musical value. This unrealistic optimism proved almost always wrong and Schubert suffered bitter disappointments, very often working for nothing. Begun on 20 September 1821, Alfonso und Estrella was completed on 27 February 1822 but was first staged, on the initiative of Franz Liszt, only in 1854, after Schubert's death. Alfonso und Estrella has the characteristic climate of a romantische Oper. If it is true that Schubert lacks the sense of theatre which is typical of the best operatic composers of his day (for example Weber), the power of his creativity and beauty of many arias cannot be denied.

Part 1

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