MARTIN Y SOLER, V.: Burbero di buon cuore (Il) (Teatro Real, 2007)


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- (Disc 1)
Il burbero di buon cuore

Venue: Teatro Real, Madrid
Playing Time: 02:20:33
Catalogue Number: 33580
UPC: 8007144335809

The gruff Ferramondo must deal with a nephew who has been ruined by his spendthrifft wife, and who would like to have his sister sent to a convent so that he can get his hands on her dowry. The girl, of course, has other plans.

A brilliant libretto, music that can be both graceful and captivating, and a first rate cast make of this opera, based on one of Carlo Goldoni's most amusing comedies, Le bourru bienfaisant, a welcome rediscovery.

Part 1

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