VIVALDI, A.: Motezuma (Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
Motezuma, RV 723
Libretto/Text Author: Giusti, Alves
Conductor: Curtis, Alan

Fernando Cortes: Gottwald, Franziska
Motezuma: Priante, Vito

Set/Stage Designer: Cutuli, Lorenzo
Costume Designer: Heinrich, Anne-Christine
Lighting Designer: Cavina, Nevio
Stage Director: Vizioli, Stefano
Television Director: Mancini, David

Venue: Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
Playing Time: 02:33:10
Catalogue Number: 33586
UPC: 8007144335861

Directing the Complesso Barocco and a vocal cast of specialists, Alan Curtis, one of the world's greatest experts on Vivaldi operas, brings a recently rediscovered masterpiece of the Red Priest's, offered here for the time. Motezuma, first staged at the Teatro Sant'Angelo in Venice in autumn 1733, is one of the operas of Vivaldi's full maturity. The score was long thought lost, but the fortunate rediscovery in 2002 of a large majority of the original music, some of it in fragmentary form, has allowed the expert Alessandro Ciccolini to produce a reconstruction that is reliable and true to the Venetian composer's original intentions.

It tells the gripping stories of Mitrena and Montezuma, and of Teutile and Ramiro, and particularly the trials of Fernando Cortez in conquest, set against Montezuma's love for his own people, stimulated the imaginations of many composers.

Part 1

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