DAUGHERTY, M.: Jackie O (Teatro Comunale di Bologna, 2008)

DAUGHERTY, M.: Jackie O (Teatro Comunale di Bologna, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
Jackie O
Libretto/Text Author: Koestenbaum, Wayne

Andy Warhol: Jones, Paul Carey
Aristotle Onassis: Alberghini, Simone
Maria Callas: Sourouzian, Nora
Voice of J.F.K.: Scala, Enea

Set/Stage Designer: Fantin, Paolo
Costume Designer: Pernigotti, Claudia
Lighting Designer: Michieletto, Damiano
Stage Director: Michieletto, Damiano
Television Director: Ricchetti, Matteo

Venue: Teatro Comunale, Bologna
Playing Time: 01:33:37
Catalogue Number: 33605
UPC: 8007144336059

Jackie O develops around the life of Jacqueline Kennedy; her image, following her husband's assassination, of "tragic princess", and the following events, which captured the attention of the world's media.

American composer Michael Daugherty has written a very modern work, in-between opera and jazz, inspired by American musical and the popular culture of the late 1960s .

Jackie's arias Egyptian Time, Jackie"s Credo and All his bright light possess a lyrical, melancholic and exotic allure; the ones sung by Onassis - the conceited, coarse, self-made man - have, instead,echoes of Las Vegas: his I am curious and Stiff drink bring us back to Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr. Maria Callas, who in the '60s was beginning to lose her voice, retraces her life with the songs Addio delPassato and Flame Duet. Liz Taylor is engaged in a blues-like riff that recalls a Cat on the hot tin roof atmosphere; whereas Princess Grace Kelly trills in Doris Day fashion. Andy Warhol's aria conforms to his art: a series of modulated repetitions. In the finale dramatic climax, in Jackie's Song, Jackie duets with her dead husband's voice. Damiano Michieletto's perfect direction is lively and full of colours, and the resemblance of the singers to real characters is impressive. A great tribute to the fabulous Sixties.

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