HASSE, J.A.: Artaserse (Festival della Valle d'Itria, 2012)


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Venue: Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca
Playing Time: 03:08:46
Catalogue Number: 37715
UPC: 8007144377151

A classic work of its genre and historical period, Artaserse was premiered in Venice in 1730 by the most famous singers of the day: Farinelli in the role of the Arbace, Cuzzoni as Mandana and the castrato Nicolino as Artabano. It was a success for Hasse, who would, in 1740 and 1760, re-propose the same work in two different versions.

This video features one, in world premiere. The cast is extraordinary, with the countertenor Franco Fagioli giving a great performance of the role that was Farinelli's. Fagioli easily goes up and down the extension of more that three octaves, maintaning a uniform timbre and remarkable power and resonance. Also stunning, is the aria Pallido sole sung by Sonia Prina.

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