VERDI, G.: Forza del destino (La) (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2011)

VERDI, G.: Forza del destino (La) (Teatro Regio di Parma, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
La forza del Destino
Libretto/Text Author: Piave, Francesco Maria

Don Alvaro: Machado, Aquiles
Don Carlo di Vargas: Stoyanov, Vladimir
Donna Leonora: Theodossiou, Dimitra
Fra Melitone: Lepore, Carlo
Marchese di Calatrava: Atfeh, Zyian
Mastro Trabuco: Kim, Myung Ho

Set/Stage Designer: Poda, Stefano
Costume Designer: Poda, Stefano
Lighting Designer: Poda, Stefano
Choreographer: Poda, Stefano
Stage Director: Poda, Stefano
Television Director: Manca, Tiziano

Festival: Verdi Festival
Venue: Teatro Regio, Parma
Playing Time: 02:58:07
Catalogue Number: 724408
UPC: 814337012441


For La forza del destino, Verdi created one of his most famous melodies, the "fate" motif that permeates the whole of the score. Music and action alternate in masterly fashion between large-scale crown scenes and intimate interiority, in that way illustrating Verdi's real them: the manner in which fallible human beings are destroyed by a cruel fate.

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