MOZART, W.A.: Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots (Die) (Salzburg Festival, 2006)


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- (Disc 1)
Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots, K. 35
Libretto/Text Author: Weiser, Ignaz Anton von
Conductor: Wallnig, Josef

A Christian: Sonn, Peter
Divine Justice: Watanabe, Michiko
Divine Mercy: Schuster, Cordula
Spirit of Christianity: Berchtold, Bernhard
Worldliness: Karg, Christiane

Set/Stage Designer: Balthes, Heinz
Costume Designer: Vazquez, Jose Manuel
Stage Director: Dew, John
Television Director: Weiss, Christian Kurt

Date of Production: 2006
Festival: Salzburg Festival
Venue: Grosse Universitatsaula, Salzburg
Playing Time: 01:26:55
Catalogue Number: A04001466

Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots is an allegorical drama in three parts that was first performed in the Archibishop's residence in March 1767. Mozart composed the first part. The work is an offshoot of the 17th-century tradition of the Jesuit school drama in which the characters are purely symbolic. Here, the "lukewarm Christian" becomes the object of contention between two authorities. Worldliness tempts him with the pleasures of the senses; a trio formed by Justice, Mercy and Christian Spirit urges him to choose an active Christian life. Mozart included such subtle musical touches as a 3/4 dance rhythm and merry woodwinds deployed by Worldliness and an alto trombone that summons the hero to the Last Judgement – an instrumental color that will appear prominently in Don Giovanni.

Part 1

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