ROMEO AND JULIET - The Tragic Lovers (Documentary, 2008)

ROMEO AND JULIET - The Tragic Lovers (Documentary, 2008)


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Romeo and Juliet - The Tragic Lovers

Playing Time: 01:01:36
Catalogue Number: B408DVD
UPC: 709629004085

Romeo and Juliet - The Tragic Lovers, offers insight, commentary and staged performances of Shakespeares famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers. As a companion to the literary interpretation, actual dramatic scenes filmed in Verona, Italy are used as Shakespeare had intended in his original play.

Scholar and host, James Bride, introduces factual information about Shakespeares play by referencing a digitally enhanced version of the Prologue. Gary Taylor, Editor of the Oxford Editions of Shakespeares Complete Works, offers an engaging dialogue about the historical background of exotic Verona, use of boy actors, staging challenges and 16th Century sacred and secular attitudes that influenced the writing of the play. Additionally, Judith Annozine covers the humor in this play providing insight into the characters and role of the Nurse and Mercutio in advancing the action.

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