VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra (Vienna State Opera, 2002)


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- (Disc 1)
Simon Boccanegra
Libretto/Text Author: Boito, Arrigo
Libretto/Text Author: Piave, Francesco Maria
Conductor: Gatti, Daniele

Gabriele Adorno: Dvorsky, Miroslav
Maria Boccanegra: Gallardo-Domas, Cristina
Paolo Albiani: Daniel, Boaz
Simon Boccanegra: Hampson, Thomas
Un capitano dei balestrieri: Nuzzo, John
Un'ancella di Amelia: Yang, Songmi

Set/Stage Designer: Mayer, Stefan
Costume Designer: Bickel, Moidele
Stage Director: Stein,Peter
Television Director: Reitzenstein, Anton

Date of Production: 10-2002
Venue: Vienna State Opera
Playing Time: 02:16:51
Catalogue Number: DVWW-OPSIBOW
UPC: 824121002145


One of the lesser known works by Giuseppe Verdi, Simon Boccanegra is regarded by most opera lovers as one of his finest. The action takes place in the 14th century and deals with the political and personal rivalry between the corsair Simon Boccanegra, who has been elected Doge of Genoa with the help of the plebeian vote, and the local nobleman, Jacopo Fiesco.

The staging was directed by one of the giants of the European theatre, Peter Stein, who ran the Berliner Schaubühne between 1970 and 1985, and later became theatre director at the Salzburg Festival. His production of Simon Boccanegra was first seen at the 2000 Salzburg Easter Festival. Two years later he developed the production in Vienna, using the same sets and costumes as in Salzburg. His fondness for atmospherically dense spaces in which the characters can fully develop is particularly well brought out in his Vienna production, not least because he had at his disposal two remarkable singing actors for the principal male roles - American baritone Thomas Hampson as Simon Boccanegra and Ferruccio Furlanetto who plays Jacopo Fiesco.

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