COPLAND, Aaron: Fanfare for America (Film Documentary, 2001)

COPLAND, Aaron: Fanfare for America (Film Documentary, 2001)


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Copland, Aaron - Composer
Aaron Copland - Fanfare for America

Playing Time: 00:58:33
Catalogue Number: GLW07553096

Impressed with how European music could have a "German sound," a "French sound," and so on, Aaron Copland returned from his years in Paris to New York City, intent on capturing the essence of the "American sound."

This documentary presents an artful blending of the life and music of one of America's great modern composers. The many milestones in Copland's long career are discussed by his biographer, Howard Pollock, while stirring images of Copland's native city are set to selections of his music as performed by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra. FRSO conductor Hugh Wolff provides astute commentary. Many interviews with Copland are included, along with a historic recording of Clarinet Concerto with Benny Goodman playing and Copland conducting.

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