BRITTEN, B.: Death in Venice [Opera] (Teatro Real, 2014)


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- (Disc 1)
Death in Venice, Op. 88
Libretto/Text Author: Piper, Myfanwy

Elderly Fop: Melrose, Leigh
English Clerk: Rock, Duncan
Gustav van Aschenbach: Daszak, John
Hotel Barber: Melrose, Leigh
Hotel Manager: Melrose, Leigh
Leader of the Players: Melrose, Leigh
Old Gondolier: Melrose, Leigh
Traveller: Melrose, Leigh
Venice Guide: Rock, Duncan
Voice of Apollo: Costanzo, Anthony Roth
Voice of Dionysus: Melrose, Leigh

Set/Stage Designer: Gussmann, Wolfgang
Costume Designer: Gussmann, Wolfgang
Costume Designer: Mendoza, Susana
Lighting Designer: Toelstede, Hans
Choreographer: Farmer, Athol
Stage Director: Decker, Willy
Television Director: Roussillon, Francois

Date of Production: 2018
Venue: Teatro Real, Madrid
Playing Time: 02:35:47
Catalogue Number: NBD0076V
UPC: 730099007665


Adopted from Thomas Mann's 1923 novella, Death in Venice was Benjamin Britten's last opera, the composer insisting on its competition while delaying badly needed heart surgery. The starkly simple narrative of a famous but failing novelist travelling to Venice to seek inspiration only to find unhealthy infatuation and deadly cholera, is given a chamber-like precision and clarity through Britten's score, becoming a haunting drama filled with musical symbols, disquieting mystery and richly evocative atmospheres of Venice and its strange characters.

Part 1

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