REVUELTAS, S.: Redes (preview) (from Naxos 2.110372)


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Catalogue Number: NVF0041

An iconic product of the Mexican Revolution, Redes (1935) combines the talents of a master composer, Silvestre Revueltas, and a master cinematographer, Paul Strand. Its marriage of music and the moving image attains heights of epic grandeur. The co-directors are Fred Zinnemann (en route to Hollywood) and Emilio Gomez Muriel. Because dialogue rarely overlaps music, it is possible to rerecord Revueltas's galvanizing score and discover musical riches inaudible on the original monaural soundtrack. As the Redes concert suites by Revueltas and Erich Kleiber omit much, the present DVD is the world premiere recording of Revueltas's full score, one of the highest achievements in the history of film music.

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