ADAMS, J.: Doctor Atomic (DNO, 2007)


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- (Disc 1)
Doctor Atomic
Composer: Adams, John
Libretto/Text Author: Sellars, Peter

Captain James Nolan: Morris, Jay Hunter
Edward Teller: Fink, Richard Paul
General Leslie Groves: Owens, Eric
Jack Hubbard: Maddalena, James
Kitty Oppenheimer: Rivera, Jessica
Pasqualita: Rabiner, Ellen
Robert Wilson: Glenn, Thomas

Set/Stage Designer: Lobel, Adrianne
Costume Designer: Ramicova, Dunya
Lighting Designer: Ingalls, James F.
Choreographer: Childs, Lucinda
Stage Director: Sellars, Peter
DVD Producer: Damme, Ferenc van
Television Director: Sellars, Peter

Date of Production: 29-06-2007
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 03:48:00
Catalogue Number: OA0998D
UPC: 809478009986

The longing to overcome human boundaries lead the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to begin an experiment that formed a threat to the whole of humanity, and whose scientific results still do today. The question of the moral implications of the atomic bomb is raised in John Adams' opera, just as much as that of the influence on the private lives of the main characters. Dr. Atomic is the fifth work to result from almost twenty years of collaboration between the American composer and his fellow American director and Erasmus Prize-winner Peter Sellars.

Bonus features:

- Interview with Peter Sellars.

- Illustrated synopsis

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