MASTERCLASS WITH RAINER SCHMIDT - MENDELSSOHN, Felix: String Quartet No. 3: III. Andante espressivo con moto


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- (Disc 1)

String Quartet No. 3 in D Major, Op. 44, No. 1, MWV R30

Lecturer/Violin: Schmidt, Rainer
Violin 1: Mezo, Peter
Violin 2: Veer, Csongor

Year of Production: Feb. 2007
Playing Time: 00:52:12
Catalogue Number: RSS10078_2

Professor Rainer Schmidt gives some indications to the first violin. Later on, he makes corrections on tempo, articulation and contrast between passages. He also focuses on a fragment with two violins and works it separated from the rest of the quartet.

Regarding the bow, the masterclass deals with different strokes, quantity and relaxation of the bow, pressure and weight, and attacks of the first note within a phrase. The Professor also explains the concept of spiccato.

Referring to melodic and expressive issues, the cantabile has to be worked in mezzopiano and the dynamics are more varied in general. The students have to pay attention to the articulation, tuning and sound quality.

Part 1

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