MASTERCLASS WITH MIRIAM FRIED - BACH, J. S.: Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001: I. Adagio


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- (Disc 1)

Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001

Lecturer/Violin: Fried, Miriam

Year of Production: Jan. 2012
Playing Time: 00:35:06
Catalogue Number: RSS10173_1

The movement is Adagio in 4, not in sixteenth notes, which would make it too slow and heavy. Professor and student talk about the function of the movement in the whole sonata and the purpose of the ornamentation, as well as about phrasing, character, articulation in legato, use of right arm, vibrato - not in every note -, tension - relaxation of the harmony, pulse, articulation in left hand, and dynamics. In some specific passages, it is also possible to changes bowings.

Part 1

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