MASTERCLASS WITH MIRIAM FRIED - BRAHMS, J.: Violin Concerto, Op. 77: I. Allegro non troppo (Part 2) (violin and piano reduction)


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Brahms, Johannes - Composer
Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77

Lecture/Violin: Fried, Miriam

Year of Production: Jan. 2012
Playing Time: 00:36:14
Catalogue Number: RSS10176_1

This masterclass is focused on the development of the movement and on bowings, pulse, use of vibrato, and articulation. The professor advises the student to work on some of Sevcik's exercises to improve the shifting positions. The important thing is the position of the arm, as well as the distance from the bow and the speed.

Other important aspects are melody skips, harmony of the trills, volume of the sound, tension between intervals, and right arm position.

Part 1

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