MASTERCLASS WITH LEIGH MELROSE - VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra: A te l'estremo addio [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Verdi, Giuseppe - Composer
Simon Boccanegra

Year of Production: May 2018
Playing Time: 00:19:25
Catalogue Number: RSS15590_1

Professor Melrose tells the student to allow the energy to enter his body. They work on the breathing of the first cue. The student needs more focus and more concentration of sound, as if the air were a laser.

Professor Melrose explains that the sound projection does not imply to push the voice and that the phrasing always depends on the text.
They also work on body relaxation, maintaining the support without bending de body backwards.

Regarding the attitude, the student must trust himself. The relaxation and the rest of the muscles are very important to get a relaxed pitch and they help to make the vowels softer. There should be no rush in the word 'corona' and the student should maintain the exclamations in the final phrases until the end.

Part 1

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