MASTERCLASS WITH MIRIAM FRIED - PROKOFIEV, S.: 5 Melodies: No. 2. Lento ma non troppo


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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer/Violin: Fried, Miriam

Year of Production: Jan. 2019
Playing Time: 00:17:42
Catalogue Number: RSS16033_2

After a brief general comment about expressivity, Miriam Fried sets out a question about the character for this second piece and she comments the importance of the piano accompaniment in its definition. She also mentions that, in general, there should be a sound for the accompaniment and another for a main idea with different characters.

Afterwards, they talk about the motion of the arm and bow to play pizzicato correctly. Fried also suggests playing with more different colors. This can be obtained with five elements related to the bow: speed, weight, contact point, air quantity and vibrato. Finally, the professor comments some phrasing issues and she recommends the student to play with more velocity changes on the bow in order to get more contrast and expressivity.

Part 1

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