MASTERCLASS WITH RERI GRIST - PUCCINI, G.: Rondine (La), Act I: Chi il bel sogno di Doretta [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Puccini, Giacomo - Composer
La Rondine

Lecturer: Grist, Reri

Year of Production: Feb. 2008
Playing Time: 00:18:59
Catalogue Number: RSS2879_1

Prof. Grist likes the student's voice a lot, but she has the tendency to pull back all the time and it is not correct. Grist also corrects her the pronunciation and mouth colocation for certain vowels and she proposes the student some vocalizations to improve it. Resuming the aria, Reri Grist makes again corrections on voice colocation related to certain vowels and after that, she makes some comments on phrasing and tuning, tempo and agogics issues. For the last phrase, Grist suggests the student to be more energetic in the word "amar" and then leaving it like flowing in the air. The word "felicita" is also more allargando, as if she were describing this word by singing.

Part 1

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