MASTERCLASS WITH RERI GRIST - VERDI, G.: Ernani, Act I: Surta e la notte - Ernani! Ernani, Involami [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Lecturer: Grist, Reri

Year of Production: Feb. 2008
Playing Time: 00:11:04
Catalogue Number: RSS2879_2

About the performance of the recitative Surta e la notte, Grist firstly comments that the student has been sloppy with the rhythms. Moreover, the first syllable belongs to a specific word, so she must not sing it loud just like something independent. She also asks her for concentrating the sound and the meaning of the words.

Afterwards, the professor corrects the tuning in a certain phrase, as well as the duration and pronunciation to obtain the required sound for each word. The student must not lose the focus in order to avoid losing the sound.

Regarding the aria Ernani! Ernani, Involami, Reri Grist mentions to the student that they are not going to work it deeply but in general she needs to sing it with much more line and much more focus.

Part 1

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