MASTERCLASS WITH RERI GRIST - MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le), K. 492, Act IV: Giunse alfin il momento - Deh, vieni, non tardar [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492

Lecturer/Soprano: Grist, Reri

Year of Production: Feb. 2008
Playing Time: 00:21:01
Catalogue Number: RSS2886_1

In this masterclass, which starts with the Recitative: Giunse alfin il momento, Professor Reri Grist corrects the student about the emission and the accuracy of the score in this Mozart's recitative. The student should control the breathing and take more time in the syllables that have more importance in the text. She has to "talk" the text.

In the aria, Reri Grist insists on the correct pronunciation of the text and on the student's breathing, which sometimes blocks her and prevents her to sing properly. The student should pay attention to the phrasing, the accurate duration of the notes and the tongue position to pronounce certain notes.

They work on vocal placement and throat opening and, again, the pronunciation has to be corrected in several passages. Reri Grist tells the student not to breath inside a phrasing, she must concentrate and keep the pitch.

In some high pitches, Professor's recommendation is not to push them because they sound very unnatural. Everything comes easier if she does not close the throat, therefore the voice is projected easily.

Part 1

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