MASTERCLASS WITH KLAUS THUNEMANN - FASCH, J.F.: Bassoon Sonata: II. Allegro (version for 2 bassoons)


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- (Disc 1)

Bassoon Sonata in C Major, FaWV N:C 1

Lecturer/Bassoon: Thunemann, Klaus

Year of Production: Nov. 2011
Playing Time: 00:09:03
Catalogue Number: RSS7545_2

The professor begins this masterclass pointing out that the tempo is "alla breve", and he shows it by playing how the figuration for the bass line should be, the typical for this period and more elegant and independent. Moreover, Thunemann corrects some notes from the edition in relation to the original manuscript. Finally, Klaus Thunemann advises them to make more contrast between the different characters in order to obtain more variety and interest, and he corrects the articulation in a certain passage so they could get more clarity.

Part 1

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