MASTERCLASS WITH HANSJORG SCHELLENBERGER - SCHUMANN, C.: 3 Romanzen, Op. 22: No. 3. Leidenschaftlich schnell (arr. for oboe and piano)


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- (Disc 1)

Schumann, Clara - Composer
3 Romanzen, Op. 22 (arr. for oboe and piano)

Year of Production: May 2011
Playing Time: 00:10:31
Catalogue Number: RSS9163_3

Schellenberger starts the masterclass making a brief indication about how to articulate taking into account the pizzicati chords passage at the original violin part. Besides, he explains the meaning of this Romanza character referred to a German instruction written in the Alpensinfonie by Richard Strauss: sweet and tender but forceful at the same time.

After the student's performance, the professor makes comments - among other musical issues - about fingerings for the trills, breathing, or preparation to the harmonic change. Schellenberger also suggests playing the trills resolution in the change of tonality. Then he makes some final corrections about dynamics, vibrato and character.

Part 1

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